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Free Journal Printable – Currently I’m…

While there are a number of “Currently” type free printables already out there, I have been wanting to make my own with prompts that call to me for a while now. And obviously if I make something for myself, I have to share it with all of you! I like to fill one of these out about once a month then review and compare them at the end of the year. I could even easily see doing one a week if your life is particularly fast paced!

currently I'm Free Journal Printable

I have three versions of this one. You can download the full color version, the decorated black & white version, or the simple black & white version.

What kind of journal or planner printable would you like to see next? You can let me know on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.

Free Journal Printable – 25 Things That Make My Soul Sing

I’m very pleased to present my first free journal printable, 25 Things That Make My Soul Sing. I love journaling of all kinds but lists will always hold a special place in my heart. There’s no better way to learn how to love yourself than to sit down and make a list of the things you love the most. Those things you absolutely can’t live without. Once you have these things written down in one place, you can make sure you incorporate as many as possible into your life on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

25 things that make my soul sing

Download the Color Version or the Black & White Version now!

Update : It was pointed out to me that I was missing a number so there were only 24 spaces. I have fixed this issue and there are now spaces for all 25.

What Makes Your Soul Sing? Join the discussion on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.