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Create a Daily Self Love Ritual

I decided at the beginning of December that 2014 would be the year I let go of my self loathing and learn to truly love myself. I also decided that it was too important to actually put off until the beginning of the year so I sat down then and there and created a daily self love ritual. I’ve been doing it every day for more than a month now and I’m amazed at the results I’m seeing.

My Self Love Ritual

My self love ritual begins with my self love altar. It changes quite often according to what my soul asks for, However, there are a few constants that are always present. I have a large jar candle in a scent I love that I wrote the word “Love” on and which also props up my soul card. And most importantly a special rose quartz that I use as my self love totem.

Self Love Altar

I light the candle while stating a simple “I am worth it.”. I smudge myself with a Palo Santo stick. I take a few deep breaths, hold my rose quartz and say my self love affirmations. Sometimes I blow the candle out, sometimes I leave it burning for a while so that it has time to release it’s wonderful scent.

But that’s it. That’s my whole daily self love ritual. It only takes a few minutes every day but performing this short and simple ritual every day has done more to boost my love for myself than anything else.

Creating Your Own Self Love Ritual

Your personal self love ritual can be absolutely anything as long as it reminds you to love yourself on a daily basis. However, if you feel you need some ideas, here are some things you might want to include.

  • The Altar – Your altar can be as simple or extravagant as you like. Or you don’t have to have an altar at all. Though I do recommend you have a totem of some sort at the very least.
  • Light A Candle – The simple act of lighting a candle is a powerful trigger switching our brains into ritual mode.
  • Smudge or Ground – If you have issues with negative thoughts, smudging yourself every day can help keep all that negativity from clinging to you. If smoke isn’t your thing try grounding instead.
  • Affirmations – I feel that the affirmations are the most important part of a daily self love ritual. One or more self affirming statements that you say every day until they become a part of who you are.
  • Journal – Carve out a few minutes each day to jot down a few things that you love about yourself. It’s basically a written form of affirmations that you can do in a more private way.
  • Keep It Simple – Your daily self love ritual could be something as simple as using a specially scented soap or body oil that you nourish your skin with every day while you’re getting ready.

If you don’t have time for anything else, simply close your eyes, take a deep breath and think to yourself “I am worth it.”. Because you are so worth it!

Do you have a self love ritual or any kind of daily reminder to love yourself? If not, do you plan on creating one? Join the discussion on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.

New Year’s Oracle Spread

I wanted to get this up yesterday on the first but I had so many new moon/first of the year work that I wanted to get through that I just didn’t have time. I think that doing it any time during the waxing moon cycle would work out though. We’re going to do my darling husband’s reading today. I call this an oracle spread simply because I exclusively use oracle decks and don’t really feel drawn to the tarot at all. However, this spread can easily work for any kind of deck you feel drawn to, oracle or tarot.

new years oracle spread

The layout consists of a pentacle shape representing the elements inside of a circle representing the months of the year. I realize that it’s a pretty huge layout so don’t worry about it if you don’t have room to actually lay it out. I just shuffled my Faerie’s Oracle deck and focused on what each card was as I drew it.

  • Card 1 – Spirit : Spiritual Lessons
  • Card 2 – Air : Challenges
  • Card 3 – Water : Emotional Lessons and/or Relationships
  • Card 4 – Earth : Physical Health
  • Card 5 – Fire : Your Passion and/or Work
  • Cards 6-17 : An overall view of each month of the next year (card 6 is January, card 17 is December)

I’d love to hear how your reading went if you decide to do one! Feel free to share your entire reading, the most significant parts or just how you felt about it! Join the discussion on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.

My reading came out really well and seemed to really fit where I hope this year will go. I found it to be a really strong reading and hope that you get as much out of it as I did!

Happy New Year, New Moon and New Beginnings!

Today is the day when we take stock of the lessons of the past year and let it go, welcoming in a new year and a new start. And this year we get double the bang for our buck with a new moon on the first day of the new year! Making the 1st the perfect day to plant the seeds you want to grow over the next year.


Like myself, many of you beautiful Goddesses probably did some releasing work on the Winter Solstice. And while the solstice is a wonderful time for this kind of releasing work, new year’s eve is also a great time for it, particularly for specifically letting go of the past year and preparing for the new one.

New Year’s Eve Journaling Prompts

Here are some journaling prompts to help you evaluate and let go of the past year and get ready to welcome in the new year with an open mind and heart. Feel free to answer them all or just choose those that call to you. After all, there is no right or wrong way to journal!

  • What were the top 3 major events in my life in 2013?
  • What lessons did I learn from these events?
  • What habits from this year would I like to let go of?
  • What habits from this year would I like to carry over into next year?
  • What was the best thing that happened in my life in 2013?
  • What was the worst thing that happened in my life in 2013?
  • Did I love myself and practice enough self care in 2013?

New Year’s Day Journaling Prompts

And here are some prompts to help you set up the new year and manifest the year you want to have.

  • What is my ultimate goal for 2014?
  • Is this goal realistic? Can I achieve it within a year’s time?
  • What steps do I need to take to accomplish this goal?
  • What new habits do I want to grow this year?
  • What can I do differently that will make this year better than last?
  • In 2014 I will focus on _____________.

The New Moon

As I mentioned above, the new moon falls on the first day of the year making it a powerful time for manifesting all of your desires for the new year. I generally use the new moon to plant the seeds that I want to grow over the next month. However, this new moon is perfectly positioned for planting the seeds we want to grow over the entire next year.

The journaling prompts above are a great way to accomplish this. I’ve been doing a type of manifesting journaling that I call Journaling with Intent for the past few months and have seen some great results. I use statements that suggest my goal has already been accomplished (ie “I am healthy” rather than “I will be healthy” or “I want to be healthy”) and I visualize my goals actualized while I write. It’s a great, simple and effective way to bring about change in your life.

What are you letting go of in preparation of 2014 and what seeds are you planting to grow this year? Join the discussion on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.

I’m letting go of any self defeating and self loathing thought patterns that occurred so often in 2013. For 2014 I’m planting seeds to grow my personal yoga practice so that I can start teacher training and focusing on making this blog everything I dream it can be!