Everyone In Recovery Has Setbacks

Okay, huge admission time here. There are times, like this past week, when I feel like such a fraud. How can I possibly be qualified to help others with their own lives and struggle when I can’t even keep my own recovery on track and moving forward? How can I teach others to love themselves when I have periods of self loathing?

Everyone In Recovery Has Setbacks
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But the truth is, everyone in recovery has setbacks. No one just decides to get better and then does it. The road to recovery isn’t a straight line, it’s more like a dance. And while most of the time the dance consists of two steps forward and one step back, often we have to deal with taking one step forward and falling two steps back. Or we do the relapse shuffle and fall back who knows how far.

These are the times when things can get really frustrating and can make us feel like all the work, all the pain, all the fight is wasted. Why bother clawing my way forward if I’m just going to slip and fall back down again?

Give Yourself A Break!

The first thing you have to do is give yourself a break. Especially when you feel yourself slipping backward and can’t find a foothold to stop it. Often if we stop fighting and flailing, our descent will slow and we can find something to grasp onto. Focus on all the progress you’ve made and know that it’s still there, just harder to see right now.

Go easy on yourself, give yourself time to move through the relapse and most importantly…

Keep Going!

Don’t ever give up no matter how tempting it gets. Sometimes I feel like I’ve fallen all the way back to the beginning and that all of my hard work has been for nothing. It’s easy to feel like this when you’re in the mist of a huge relapse. But every time I feel this way, I realize once it’s all over and I’m back on my path moving forward again that working toward recovery is never a wasted effort.

Know that you’re strong and amazing and know that everything you’re going through right now is temporary. How do you get back on the path to recovery after suffering a relapse? Join the discussion on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.