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New Year’s Oracle Spread

I wanted to get this up yesterday on the first but I had so many new moon/first of the year work that I wanted to get through that I just didn’t have time. I think that doing it any time during the waxing moon cycle would work out though. We’re going to do my darling husband’s reading today. I call this an oracle spread simply because I exclusively use oracle decks and don’t really feel drawn to the tarot at all. However, this spread can easily work for any kind of deck you feel drawn to, oracle or tarot.

new years oracle spread

The layout consists of a pentacle shape representing the elements inside of a circle representing the months of the year. I realize that it’s a pretty huge layout so don’t worry about it if you don’t have room to actually lay it out. I just shuffled my Faerie’s Oracle deck and focused on what each card was as I drew it.

  • Card 1 – Spirit : Spiritual Lessons
  • Card 2 – Air : Challenges
  • Card 3 – Water : Emotional Lessons and/or Relationships
  • Card 4 – Earth : Physical Health
  • Card 5 – Fire : Your Passion and/or Work
  • Cards 6-17 : An overall view of each month of the next year (card 6 is January, card 17 is December)

I’d love to hear how your reading went if you decide to do one! Feel free to share your entire reading, the most significant parts or just how you felt about it! Join the discussion on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.

My reading came out really well and seemed to really fit where I hope this year will go. I found it to be a really strong reading and hope that you get as much out of it as I did!