About Me


My name is Angie, I’m 37 years old and I’ve spent the past two decades dealing with mental and physical illness. In that time I allowed myself to sink into the deepest and darkest pits of despair and desperation. About a year ago I hit rock bottom and knew that it was time to make the ultimate decision, I could fight to live or I could just roll over and die.

I chose to live and at that moment took my health and happiness into my own hands. I ditched all of the meds that had been causing me so many problems for so many years and turned to naturopothy for my autoimmune disorder and yoga, meditation and self care for my mental health issues.

In less than a year I’ve gone from being 90% house bound to having both the physical energy and the emotional strength to put myself out there and participate in activities and events that make my soul sing.

Learn to love yourself and nothing can stop you!

A big part of my illness involved a lot of self loathing on my part. I had trouble seeing myself as anything other than a burden to my loved ones and a worthless being in the world. I didn’t feel I had anything to offer and often contemplated suicide feeling it would be doing those I cared about a favor. So self love has had to be a huge part of my healing process and I’ve learned that every person has worth and deserves to be loved.

Now that I’ve moved into the sun I want to help others who may be struggling and suffering as much as I was. I want to help other women find the Goddess within themselves so that they no longer have to look outside of themselves for the things they need. If we can learn to see ourselves as Goddesses, we can accomplish anything!

Some Other Random Facts About Me

  • My own mental health struggles have led me to go back to school and complete the Psychology degree that I started years ago.
  • I love to journal to the point of obsession. I have multiple journals for different uses and must have a collection of colorful Le Pens to write in them with. I’m really into Smashbooks right now.
  • My love of genre tv began 15 years ago with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and has only continued to grow. Though Buffy remains one of my favorite shows of all time!
  • I love yoga but have found very few classes I enjoy which is why I tend to just stick to my own at home practice.
  • I love reading and focus mainly on young adult dystopias and urban fantasy.
  • I have a huge sweet tooth even though I know I should limit my sugar more.
  • I love turn based RPGs, my favorites being Skies of Arcadia, Baton Kaitos & Paper Mario : TYD
  • My favorite musicians are Emilie Autumn, Stevie Nicks and Placebo.
  • I love glitter and other sparkly things and dressing up so that I feel like a beautiful Femme flower faerie!
  • I’m in the process of learning the Tarot and have recently fallen in love with the Wild Unknown deck