Free Planner Printable : Month At A Glance

I’ve been looking for a printable like this for a while, a single page where I could set up my entire month and quickly refresh my memory of my monthly, weekly and daily self care & work goals at a glance. Having found nothing, I decided to make my own.

Month at a Glance

The Features

The “Word of the Month” box is where you will set your single word intention for the month. What one thing do you want to really focus on this month?

The “Monthly Goals and Habits” section is where you will list the things that need to be done at some point during the month. Single goals and/or to-dos that only need to be done once, with a single check box to tick it off once it’s finished.

The “Weekly Goals and Habits” section is where you will list the things that need to be done every week. I’ve supplied 4 checkboxes, one for each week of the month, for each item listed here.

And finally, the “Daily Goals and Habits” section is for those habits you want or need to do every day. Each item here has 31 check boxes so that you can keep track of your running streaks, motivating you to keep going with your daily habits!

Preview and Download the Free Month at a Glance Page!

Month At A Glance Planner Printable

Download the full color version or the black and white version.

What kind of journal or planner printable would you like to see next? You can let me know on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.

10 Journal Prompts for the Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is a great time to look within and explore the deepest aspects of ourselves. To release those things that are no longer serving us or that we’re just ready to let go of. And one of my favorite methods of releasing and letting go is journaling. I put everything I have into it, I visualize these things literally flowing from my body, through the pen and into the paper.

So set aside some time to yourself, grab your journal and a cup of tea and get ready to set up your path for the month ahead.

10 Journal Prompts for the Dark Moon

  1. Are there any places in my life that I’m expending too much of my energy?
  2. Are there areas of my life that I’ve been ignoring that deserve more attention?
  3. What makes my soul sing?
  4. How would I describe my authentic self?
  5. What changes can I make to live more in my authentic self?
  6. How can I grow from the challenges I’m facing?
  7. What do I want to purge from my life right now?
  8. What do I want to bring into my life? What seeds will I plant at the New Moon to grow this month?
  9. What one thing can I do right now to move my life in a more positive direction?
  10. Finally, free writing can be a great way to release thoughts and ideas not currently available to our conscious minds. Turn to a new page in your journal, start writing and don’t stop until it’s full.

Feel free to come back to these questions each Dark Moon. You’ll be surprised as you watch your answers change over time. Join the discussion on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.

Everyone In Recovery Has Setbacks

Okay, huge admission time here. There are times, like this past week, when I feel like such a fraud. How can I possibly be qualified to help others with their own lives and struggle when I can’t even keep my own recovery on track and moving forward? How can I teach others to love themselves when I have periods of self loathing?

Everyone In Recovery Has Setbacks
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But the truth is, everyone in recovery has setbacks. No one just decides to get better and then does it. The road to recovery isn’t a straight line, it’s more like a dance. And while most of the time the dance consists of two steps forward and one step back, often we have to deal with taking one step forward and falling two steps back. Or we do the relapse shuffle and fall back who knows how far.

These are the times when things can get really frustrating and can make us feel like all the work, all the pain, all the fight is wasted. Why bother clawing my way forward if I’m just going to slip and fall back down again?

Give Yourself A Break!

The first thing you have to do is give yourself a break. Especially when you feel yourself slipping backward and can’t find a foothold to stop it. Often if we stop fighting and flailing, our descent will slow and we can find something to grasp onto. Focus on all the progress you’ve made and know that it’s still there, just harder to see right now.

Go easy on yourself, give yourself time to move through the relapse and most importantly…

Keep Going!

Don’t ever give up no matter how tempting it gets. Sometimes I feel like I’ve fallen all the way back to the beginning and that all of my hard work has been for nothing. It’s easy to feel like this when you’re in the mist of a huge relapse. But every time I feel this way, I realize once it’s all over and I’m back on my path moving forward again that working toward recovery is never a wasted effort.

Know that you’re strong and amazing and know that everything you’re going through right now is temporary. How do you get back on the path to recovery after suffering a relapse? Join the discussion on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.

How Do I Begin Working With Crystals?

I’m a total newbie, how do I begin working with crystals? This is a question I see a lot and having been new at this myself at one time I completely get it. The world of crystals is so vast, it can seem daunting trying to figure out where to start.

How Do I Begin Working With Crystals?

I think the first thing that stopped me in my tracks was the sheer number of crystals there are to choose from. I’m so blessed to have an uber cheap rock shop in my town that stocks a wide and rotating variety of wonderful stones. My first trip in, I came home with a bag full of stones, wanting to work with all of them and having no idea where to start.

I looked them all up and discovered all of their wonderful qualities, all of which I wanted to bring in to my life. Now! Needless to say I was so overwhelmed it took me a while to get started at all.

Step 1 : Choose A Single Crystal

The first thing you want to do is find a stone that feels good to you. You can either go with your intuition and just choose a stone that calls to you or you can look up some stones that fit with something you need to work on in your life and choose one of those. For example, I’m working with a fabulous piece of rose quartz right now to help me with my self love journey.

Rose Quartz

While buying in person is preferable so that you can actually hold the stones and find one that meshes well with your energy, ordering online isn’t the end of the world. I’ve found it’s very rare to come across a crystal that just doesn’t feel right at all and the stone will slowly, over time and use, attune to your energies.

Step 2 : Reset The Crystal’s Energy

Next you’re going to want to cleanse the stone in some way. You have no idea how many people have handled the stone imbuing it with their various energies. So you’ll want to reset it to its base vibrational energy. My preferred method is smudging with white sage or palo santo. However, if smoke is an issue for you there are many other ways to cleanse your stones.

Step 3 : Get To Know Your Crystal

Now it’s time to get a feel for your stone. Sit with it, hold it, meditate on it, give it Reiki if you’re attuned, carry it around with you in your pocket, sleep with it under your pillow. Get to know it!

Open yourself up to receiving anything it’s trying to send you.

  • Do you get specific messages while meditating with it?
  • Do you feel the energy in a specific part of your body (possibly a chakra)?
  • Do you feel any overwhelming emotions while holding it?
  • Is anything coming to you in your dreams?

Journal what you learn.

Step 4 : Start Branching Out

Once you’ve had your initial chosen stone for a while and become familiar with working with it and its energies, then you might want to invest in another stone or two so that you can start comparing the different energies and possibly even combining them.

How do you work with your stones? Do you have any specific exercises, meditations or rituals you would like to share? Join the discussion on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.

Free Journal Printable – Currently I’m…

While there are a number of “Currently” type free printables already out there, I have been wanting to make my own with prompts that call to me for a while now. And obviously if I make something for myself, I have to share it with all of you! I like to fill one of these out about once a month then review and compare them at the end of the year. I could even easily see doing one a week if your life is particularly fast paced!

currently I'm Free Journal Printable

I have three versions of this one. You can download the full color version, the decorated black & white version, or the simple black & white version.

What kind of journal or planner printable would you like to see next? You can let me know on the Be Your Own Goddess Facebook page.